Thursday, February 08, 2007

We've moved!

I've moved to the columns page of the Rebirth of Freedom Foundation's website. :)

The Foundation: The Rebirth of Freedom Foundation, America's first exclusively youth-oriented think tank, was launched today. Run completely by youth, the foundation will be issuing many forms of publications - all from the perspective of limited government.

Periodical Publications: The foundation will be issuing monthly policy analysis papers, political columns, a discussion board, along with a specialized research-engine that searches created specifically for policy researchers.

The Staff: The Rebirth of Freedom Foundation's staff includes homeschool students, high-school students, young college students, nationally ranked debaters, nationally ranked speakers, leaders of other politically oriented organizations and others from all across America.

The Purpose: The purpose of the foundation is to educate the youth of America in the ways of limited government, returning once again to the ideals which America was founded upon: Liberty, justice and empowerment of the individual.

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